Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My world has changed

I have a purpose in my life or should I say several. Firstly I am going back to uni next year to do a Bachelor of Psychological Science and I am very excited. Secondly I am starting to write a new zine called Face to Face. I am still in the thoughtful production stage so I won't say anymore just yet.

As most of you know I moved into an amazing apartment complex 2 months ago, well I finally met a friend, K, she is lovely and special and she also has the move dignified Cat you ever met. I found a tarot set just with cats a nod so I put it on layby. It's my birthday on Friday so I might just treat myself.

In other news there was a massive fight in the lobby last night and I was sitting one of the lounge pods crocheting when I saw this guys stab would and it just me want to self harm, so I dissociated. K thought I was going into shock but I wasn't, but she hugged me anyway, but I couldn't respond. In the end one of the staff looking after the man rang Paul and he came straight away and took me to a staff only area and he helped me com e back. He is a nurse and a social worker, so I was in good hands. Then  I came to me place and just went too bed. I got an intercom call about two hours later from a support worker and although she woke me up, she ended up coming up and talking to me about what happened. It was good.

Last bit of info, my zines are now live at


Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a few weeks it's been

So let's be honest right up there. I was hospitalised for an eating disorder [ED]. I was made to put on weight, which I hated with a passion, but everyone said to me that I looked awful. It was my very first ED admission and I had no idea how hard it would be. I had to drink an extra 900 calories a day on top of my meals. Totally sucked. I got pissed off, I chucked hissy fits and all I kept saying was I want to go home. When my weight was in the healthy range I remember that I spoke all this bullshit to my doctor about radical acceptance and using DBT skills and how I knew that the admission was turning into a borderline one (which I knew it was). For those of you who don't know what a borderline is, it is what I call borderline personality disorder. My doc thanked me for saying that. I then said I need to personally get out of there because otherwise the borderline stuff would get worse and I wouldn't want to leave. My doc agreed and I was finally out yesterday. Woohoo!

I have a few things in the pipeline now, I have to get my master's for my zines from my mum's place, as I am in the process of writing issue 7 of By the Skin of My Teeth. I also have a zine that was written during the floods of 2011 in Brisbane where Iive. I never released it but it's already to go and be printing. I tough one to write, so I am going to release it as a special addition.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. Hello to the new people that have joined us, welcome and feel free to comment. I'm not one to post much these days as life just keeps getting in the way, but I do try when I can.

To my regulars, miss you guys. To miss pink, I only left the group because of the amount of emails I was getting, I hope you weren't offended. M I'm sorry I haven't emailed you yet after you emailed and to my peace loving friend - peace back to you. If I have missed anyone, slap me and lets get over it :)