Monday, December 10, 2012

a lot has happened

So a lot has happened over the last little while. I have been thinking about posting for a while now but the timing just never felt right or I got distracted. I'm going to uni next year and got official notice that I did get in. I am doing a Bachelor of Psychological Science and am very excited despite the scary sounding subject I am doing in semester one in February Intro to Cognitive and Biological Psychology. I know it doesn't sound scary but I didn't really do the sciences in high school or should I say I did the very basic one and failed. I have however managed to excel in uni going as high as starting my PhD but stopped because I had just finished my honours year, which I got first class in. Not bragging, just saying I think I will be fine.

I am only doing one subject in semester one next year because I want to ease in. I'm also not very good at math and I have to do statistics in semester two, the joy!!!! The other reason I decided to do the above subject on its own is because the final exam is worth 45% of my final mark... eeeekkkk. I want to be ready for that one. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to study. I always have my readings done ready for class starting that week. I can't help it, it's just me and I think it's a really good thing because I am never trying to catch up.

I also finally have Moo here and she is so funny. She jumps and climbs and does all those Moo things however, she has now ran up the curtains 3 times, so mad at her then. I'm renting here and she also scratches the bed, even though she has an enormous cat tree that has carpet on it that she can scratch as much as she likes. She is getting the hang of it though and the naughty stuff only happens when I haven't played games with her that morning.

I found out I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, so no crochet for a while for me, which I am so bummed about. I am in the middle of two blankets, ugh! I am seeing a specialist to get it confirmed on 15th January. Though I do believe for sure that that is what it is. It started to hurt when I started typing and I also got pain when I tried to do some crochet. I only got two clusters done and had to stop. In any case I am typing with one hand now so better go, ouch!


P.S. Please everyone stay safe over the holiday period and have some fun if you can :)

Happy on her cat tree :)