Monday, March 25, 2013

we went for a walk with cameras

Here are my some of my shots.


There you go, just a quick post and I hope you like my photos.


Friday, March 15, 2013

10 Randam Photos

I said I'd bring them to you, so here's some things that are happening in my life right now. I hope you like them.

My new hair, it not quite as bright, but I like it
My new green shoes
My Eco mugs which I carry around when I want coffee somewhere, usually the big one ;-)
My favourite tea
Yummy cinnamon orange tea
My 'a brand called ED' pencil case
The purple beanie I can crocheting
My out of control wool bin, of which I have two :-/
My hot pink journal
Incentive for staying out of hospital. If I can stay out for six months, I can have a kitten
I am so stoked about being back online chatting you all of you out there. I am so well right now and it's awesome. I love that I can do what I want when I want to out of hospital and I did get into the habit of going in because I was lonely and now I have Dov, it's awesome. If you have any questions about him, feel free to ask. I love talking about him. I'm going to see my supervisor for my PhD today at 2pm and I am very excited. Anyway, I'd better get out of my pajamas and into some clothes for the day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I can't believe it was last December that I last wrote in here. A lot has changed in that time. I am doing well, I've stayed out of hospital for a month now, which is good because I was going in every week and then staying for ten days, then out for a week, etc. It was madness. I lost moo. She didn't die, but she went back to Andy when I went into hospital and he let himself get breached when he had a house inspection when we would normally hide her. Then his brother asked if they could have her, problem solved - NOT! The [insert expletive] person, Andy's brother, surrendered my cat to the RSPCA. I was devastated and I still miss her but I rang them every day until she got a home to see if she was okay because I wasn't allowed to have a cat here until I could show some stability. So, on June 29 I am going to put in an application for a kitten, because that's pretty close to six months.

I have a new boyfriend, his name is Dov and he is lovely in every way. He treats me so kind and he is just amazing. Andy has been hard to deal with. Since Dov came onto the scene he has blocked me out completely and I know this is normal. He is probably hurting a lot. But I just rang him to say hi and he spoke to me for 2 minutes and he basically told me to go away. Oh well I am just trying to be a friend to him.

I just got my nose and eyebrow pierced again. I know, I've done it so many times. Plus I am going to dye my hair bright red. Just for something completely different. I started uni to do the Bachelor of Psychological Science and I hated it. So I pulled out before I got charged or had academic penalty. I am instead going back to my PhD in film and I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow. I have to read Film Art as quickly as possible so that I can be ready because I have forgotten so much of the terminology. I am very excited about doing the PhD, there will be ups and downs but eventually that will smooth out.

I feel so normal. Barring the hair, nose and eyebrow, but hey, uni students can dress or appear really any way unless it really is pushing the boundaries. It's such a nice feeling. I'm going to take some photos later on so maybe I'll do a ten random photos later. Must dash though, I hope you are all doing well out there in blogland and I'll chat soon. Hopefully with my photos!