Friday, February 21, 2014


I had my new little furry friend Cali arrive yesterday and she is awesome. She was smooching within five minutes and has the most placed nature. She follows me everywhere and always lets me know she's there all the time. It's so hot here at the moment and you just can't do the lap thing right now so she's on the floor at the foot of my chair. I keep having to remind myself of not only how tiny she is for two but how quick she is too. She is like a little arrow but much prettier. I know this little kitty is going to help me patch up the spaces between when Dov and I are together and when he is off somewhere and I have Cali to keep me company. I know it will help too with the whole hospital thing, this little kitty is so special to me already that I couldn't imagine being away from her and not being her full time carer at that time. I'll post some pics when I can get her to stand still.

Sarah xx


Jacqueline Hough said...

She sounds so cute! I love cats. They are the coolest animals!

The Girl said...

Sounds adorable! Cant wait to see pics!