Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All is well, things are soon to change

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well right now, or at least the best you can. I am doing well. I have been out of hospital for three months now and soon am about to embark on a new journey to either my old doctor or with a new doctor. I don't know which at the moment. I am going to really miss my current doctor but I can't afford to see her anymore. I am sure there will be some tears when I see her on May 19 for the last time. I promise to not fall apart though and I am pretty sure I can do that.

I am the most well I have been in a number of years. This is because I have been taking my medication and due to the fact that I am busy with uni and my beautiful furball (my cat of nine weeks on thursday) Cali. She is such a sweet little thing. She is leaping in the air playing right now because it's nearly bed time and bedtime is fun time for her. She is being very noisy actually. Since she was an abused rescue cat, I have made a commitment to her to be here for her and not leave her to go to hospital.

It was this reason too that made me want to switch doctors because I have an easy way into hospital right now but soon I won't. If I see my old doctor, he will not allow hospital unless I am in danger to myself, not on a whim like I have over the last few years. If I see a new doctor and I won't know this for about three and a half weeks, give or take a few days, they will probably need to get to know me first. I really don't want hospital to be an option. I want to deal with things on my own using the skills I have learnt while I was going to hospital.

See the thing with Cali, my cat, is that this beautiful little kitty was definitely mistreated. She often shy's away from my hands when I lean down to touch her. She eats all her food straight away without hardly taking a  breath and then she chases food all day and night long. If I so much move in bed, she will wake me because she wants food. It's really heartbreaking to think of what she went through but small step by small step, she is learning that she will always be fed, she will never be hit or hurt and she is going to be loved. I wake up every morning to her sleeping against m stomach and she only sits in places where there is some scent of mine on it, she constantly 'talks' to me with a trilling sound every time I walk past her. It's very cute. Having her and caring for her makes me want to be well for her and for me too but definitely for her. I have fallen in love with this little ball of fur. She is so special.

Here's to being well for a really long time!


Sarah xx