Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Questions for feature article

Hi Guys

Here are those questions that I told you I'd send to you. If you can, I'd love to hear from you. My article is about mental health, housing and homelessness and how that affects us. Some of you know that in 2012 I ended up with nowhere to live and I was in awful, very unsafe housing for 5 months before I found my permanent place where I am now. I would especially love to hear from those of you that have had trouble with housing and homelessness, but all of have a voice.

What is your name? (you can just put your first name if you wish or your handle)

What is your diagnosis?

Do you agree with your diagnosis?

Do you have adequate housing?

What type of housing are you living in right now?

Have you ever been homeless?

How long were you homeless for?

What does having good mental health mean to you?

What do you do when you feel horrible? (eg. Mindfulness, colouring, drawing, reading etc.)

Are there any times where this actually works?

If you could take complete control over your mental health, what would that look like to you? (if this is too wishy washy, let me know and I’ll explain)

You can email it to me on I would be so grateful if only a couple of you responded to this.

Have a groovy day/night

Sarah xx

An audio post from me

Sarah's audio for you

The only selfie that I don't look like an alien in ha ha


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Some pics


Some colouring

More colouring (I love colouring)

Cold Cali (it is cold here in Brisbane, Australia right now)

Rollerskating in my kitchen

Me being silly, what a surprise, lol

Me at 19, what a stunner, ha ha ha

Okay, well now you know what I look like. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, For us Aussie's stay warm and for those of you in the summer months hmpf!

Sarah xx