Thursday, March 2, 2017

Uni and the drama

Hi Guys

So this week has been dramatic. I've yelled, I've cried, I've laughed (thankfully) and had many more emotions. So... uni started back and I did my intro on the discussion board (I study online) and the unit coordinator emailed me to tell me I was in the wrong course. Of course I freaked out, who wouldn't. I had signed up for undergrad because I hadn't studied in years and I mentioned in my intro post that I had done undergrad and postgrad before, so she said I should be doing the Grad Dip in Information and Library Studies, not the undergrad Library and Corporate Information Management course.

So... then went back and forth for two days between the departments because I had been given bad advice to start with, even when they checked my credit application for recognition for prior learning, they still didn't pick it up that I should be in postgrad. In the end I couldn't do the full course because enrollments have closed for study period one. I am happy that I am in the same unit but the postgrad version of it and I will apply for the full course for the July intake. The only annoying this is that I only have access to the undergrad site right now and that will change tonight where I will lose complete access and then should have it back again Monday once everything has gone through.

All in all it turned out well considering that they didn't have to help me. It was because my tutor is also the coordinator of the course, as well as the unit, so they listened to her. Thankfully. She called me yesterday afternoon because I emailed her asking if I all else fails, should I completely withdraw and she was ringing to say yes and she was happy to hear the result. Oh well, all's well, that ends well, as they say ;)

Sarah xx

P.S. Please ignore any errors, I wrote this several times and it still sounded weird :-P

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