Thursday, January 26, 2017

A few pics from the country and the beach -- finally

Tripod stealing carrots


Beautiful country

Love it

The long driveway

This little piggy was so cute

He used to get out for a run and chase me though, lol


Weird abstract

Like a little fairy path

Tiresome, ha ha

To mum's and the beach

Where I cut my foot -- still healing

Like a wave


Sarah xx

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Recovery, control or management

Hi Guys

I started to see my dietitian again yesterday and it as always brought a lot of stuff up. Lately, I've been struggling a lot with bingeing (don't worry, I am not restricting as well, just the bingeing) and it's been making me feel awful. They range from a minor binge to eating so much I feel like I'm going to burst. I have decided it's going to stop but gently. I am going to be checking in with myself when I eat to see if I am actually hungry (I'm having breakfast 2 or lunch 2 or you get it, lately) but doing it mindfully of course and I'll do a body scan to see how my body is feeling as well.

It got me thinking though. I always say, Oh, I am in recovery but if I was in recovery, I wouldn't continually have so many issues if I was. For it's always about control, always. Control the food, control the intake, control the binge etc etc. So I see for me that the issue is always going to be management. I have occasionally heard people say in jest, I wish I had an eating disorder. I say back, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Once it gets into your head, it will never go away completely, well mine doesn't and hasn't. It's been quieter at times but not silent. I wish I could silence it, that would be amazing.

Stay safe and well :)

Sarah xx

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ten days

Hi Guys

So it's been ten days since my last post. I realised I had been neglecting my poor old blog so I am here to do a quick update. Quick because I am going upstairs to the kitchen today to do some cooking with Phyllis. She is pretty awesome. I don't know what we are making, muffins I think but I can't remember. I got the time wrong that I was even meeting her. I saw her before and said, see you at 1pm and came home and realised I had 2pm in my diary. So some things have changed since I last wrote on here. I have decided to go back to uni and to what I thought was finish my degree but then I realised that I wasn't happy with the course I was doing and so I changed, lucky that some of the subjects I had done will count. I had only done 6 anyway, luckily. So now I am going to do a BA in Librarianship and Corporate Information Management. Sounds so scary but it will give me an actual profession at the end. That is the part that I am happy about. Though some of the subjects sound really scary. I can finish it in four years, it's a double major and I would have a minor in writing because that is what all my previous subjects are in. I just thought I'd fly in here and tell you all the news and fly out again because I need to get ready, but it's sooooo hot here right now. We are having a heat wave here in my state/city OMG it's hot, poor Cali doesn't know what to do :(

I hope all of you in Oz are keeping cool and those of you elsewhere are keeping warm. Sleeping at night is really hard right now and I don't normally feel the heat, so it must be bloody hot .

Sarah xx

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Quick one - at Dad's place in the country

Hi Guys

Quick post to say I am still kicking and breathing. I am at my dad's property that he manages up at Bundaberg in Queensland, same state as me but I'm a city chick. Have a tonne of photos, so will post some when I get home tomorrow or maybe at my mum's place tonight. I have some news too, so will post that too. Anyway, this computer is really pissing me off, so I will catch you later.

Stay safe

Sarah xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Check it out!

Hi Guys (Again)

Check out my funky new template, the pic is one of my colouring in pics. So happy with it, except for that line that goes down the right side. Oh well, if that's all I have to complain about, I am doing pretty well.


Sarah xx

A late happy new year to you!

Hi Guys

Wow, another year has gone. It was the shittiest year I have had in a long time. I can't remember a year so shitty. But..; it's over and it's 2017 and that's all that matters. Yes, my finances are shitty at the moment. My bank decided to allow, now get this one, authorisation on something I was trying to buy, even though it was declined more than 7 times. Okay, so I was not the brightest in the bunch that day. I tried to buy a kindle but it paid for it three times even though PayPal declined it 7 times. I don't know why I kept trying. I am trying to get the money back at the moment and oh, then my pet insurance went out twice. I can't fucking win at the moment.

Breathe... Sarah, it's a new day. It can get better. I hope it can. I just woke up, so in typical Sarah fashion, I need tea. I'll be right back.

I nearly fell asleep typing this, so I think I'd best go back to bed for a little while. But quickly, I have some news. I withdrew from the professional writing and publishing course I was doing at Curtin Uni and I made an application for a BA in English at Macquarie Uni and I got in. So excited. Plus, I will be able to get credit fall my subjects I did in my other course.

Okay, I'm off. Be safe!

Sarah xx