This blog used to be about my eating disorder but as time has gone by, I have felt more in recovery than ever before and almost feel like I can say that one word in relation to my eating disorder. I am in recovery, not remission.

I have bipolar disorder have had a really tough year in 2011. I had to leave my job, I ended up in hospital seven times and I went back and forth a bit with my doctors. I ended up changing from Dr M, who I had been seeing for 14 years and am now with Dr D, who I met in hospital in November 2010.

2012 was also a rocky year. My soon to be ex-husband Andy and I broke up and I ended up homeless for several months or what they consider homeless when you are living in a horrible horrible place that is really unsafe and have nowhere else to go.

Funny how things work. I moved into where I am now in a place called Common Ground that is for people that have been homeless but it's a permanent housing in a beautiful place that is right in the heart of the city. This is where, amazingly, I met my current partner. He actually lives next door! Yes, I know!!! Dov is his name and he is just lovely and awesome and I can't wait to be with him always.

2013 has been great so far. I have beaten my Valium addiction and just gotten better and better. It is now May and everything feels just right. I am loving life and it's beautiful. I'm going to sit back now and enjoy the ride :)

There was one thing I did want to bring up. The things in here are totally subjective, things I felt and lived through, even if at times skewed through the eyes of someone that wasn't well and certainly wasn't perfect. To those people mentioned in my blog, know that I am in a good place now. I love my life and I love where I am going. I hope that all my friends and family are safe and well and don't think I'm too crazy :-P

Sarah xx

P.S. Updated 27 Jan 2017

Lots of things happened over the last 6 months that were great at the time and it was what I needed but in hindsight, not all great things turn out truly great. You may be wondering what happened. Well, my business tanked. I don't now believe anymore that you just reach for the stars and they are there and they'll take you anywhere you want to go. I was led to believe that and it wasn't true. Alas, no business. People here don't understand either what happened and I can't tell them. I want to but unfortunately, they have to find out for themselves. It's not my place. Geez, I can't really freely talk about it to anyone except two people. I feel gagged, controlled, frozen, trapped and lied to. Oh well, enough of the negativity. On the up I have Dov and Cali and I am genuinely most of the time relatively happy. Had just a few bumps and things go up from here :)