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By the Skin of My Teeth – Issue One

This zine was published quite quickly after the first one, in early September 2010, but merely two weeks apart from the first zine. I have found that I get an idea and I hang on to it and I can’t do anything until it’s out. From thought to finished product, it’s usually about a week or two. This zine looked at funny stories from my stays in a mental health ward over the space of five years in the late mid-late 90′s. It also ended up being the first of a series on mental health issues. This zine has approximately 40 pages and is half size (A5). For sale right now - September 2016

My Baggy Pants 1

This zine was written in relation to the eating disorder I was in the process of recovering from. I made it to get out some of the feelings I had towards my eating disorder and I included some material from my blog when I asked some questions of my readers. This zine was a totally different experience. It is completely hand written and instead of being portrait in orientation, it is instead landscape and to this day, I have no other zine that has been made in this design. I found it really hard to write this one because handwriting 32 pages can be tough. It is half size (A5) and is stapled at the left hand side. This zine was written in early October 2010. For sale right now - September 2016

By the Skin of My Teeth – Issue Two

I didn’t know I whether I was really going to write another issue of this zine until I was writing it. I could feel my depression starting to get really out of control and this zine was in a way trying to remind myself of the things I that I could do to try and help myself. I have given for techniques to help when you feel out of control. The first part of the zine is my story with depression and then it goes into the techniques. I did a competition on my blog with this issue and one person won a set of dialectical behavioural therapy cards and a mindfulness CD. In this issue I was still really trying to find my feet in what style I want my zines to be and I did find this hard. I didn’t  find my style until the next issue but I did really enjoy writing this zine, like I enjoy writing all of them. It is half size (A5) with 32 pages. Each issue of these zines have a photo of me holding a sign of the title of the zine in some way on the front cover. This issue was published at the end of October 2010. For sale right now - September 2016

By the Skin of My Teeth – Issue Three

This issue was written as I was admitted into a private mental health unit at the end of October. I was amazed I could take my laptop in and so I did. This issue is where I found my style. I cut up a whole heap of maps of my city and I used a cut and past style over the top of the maps with the text and then went around the sections of text with a sharpie pen. This zine has 64 pages, mainly because I had a lot of time on my hands and is half size (A5) and was published in the first week of November 2010. I think when I look at all my zines, that this is one of my favourites. For sale right now - September 2016

By the Skin of My Teeth – Issue Four

Also written in hospital and still with a lot of time on my hands, I published this one about a week after issue three in November 2010. It also was about my stay in hospital, but this time documenting the mania I suddenly experienced due to my anti-depressant I was put on. This time I used art magazines, the one that have really weird pictures in them, either distorted or just plain weird. I was happy that I had finally found my style and found it relaxing to cut out the text and then paste it. I think I started this because it was time consuming in hospital and kept me busy and then I realised that I just liked the look. This zine is also 64 pages, half size (A5). For sale right now - September 2016

My Baggy Pants 2

A follow on from My Baggy Pants, this issue was written in hospital while I was on close observations. I couldn't go anywhere or do anything, so I thought I'd update how my ED has been going these days, which is really well by the way. This is a 1/2 size (A5) and has 24 pages with a yellow cardstock cover. For sale right now - September 2016

By the Skin of My Teeth - Issue 5.5

This issue was a long time in the making. I started it three times and then wrote it over a six week period. It was actually really hard to write because I was having major changes in my life and major problems with getting my words out. I did write an issue 5 of this zine but it was awful and so it got recycled and did the two issues I wrote after that. So this is going back but forward. Getting stuff out that I really wanted to get out and starting again. This issue is a little graphic in how I am feeling, so it could be triggering to those of you that suffer from BPD or issues of self-harm. I don't go into specifics but some of my terms I guess can be graphic. For sale right now - September 2016

By the Skin of My Teeth - Issue 6

Following the mental health/illness theme, this zine follows my journey over the last few months. There was one hospital admission, including the lead up to this. This zine is a bit different from the others, with the mental health/illness sections in cut and paste style, while now there are other sections which aren't in this style and aren't about mental health. These are more of what my life is like on daily basis and the things I love in life. The mental illness sections are more graphic but I think the new sections which include a cartoon, new hobbies, my cat, photos and my every day life. For sale right now - September 2016

24 Past the Hour

 Coming in 2015

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